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Quick Typing Tutor is a Windows application that allows you to learn how to print, no matter what type of keyboard you use.

Learn how printing can be a great experience for beginners. Most keyboard shortcuts are not set in alphabetical order, so its appearancemay seem difficult for those who are not familiar with it. However, a quick teacher of books helps. You have a conventional QWERTY keyboard or something less traditional, a quick virus helper, your keyboard layout can be saved and can be used for lessons. The lessons alsoAvailable in different languages, except English.

Once you have chosen the keyboard and language settings, it’s time to select the appropriate lesson for your skill level. Quick Tutor has everything from simple lessons to those who are very advanced. You can choose the lessons that will teachyou letters or lessons that will teach you to understand words.

Tutor settings It’s fast convenient because it has a virtual keyboard that is provided by a guide that shows you the right place for your hand on your own keyboard. Then just followinstructions on the screen. A quick tutor will make a sound if you press the wrong button. If he avoids attention, he can close the project. If you need a very nice screen when learning a type, Quick Tutor Tutor Every time you press the correct font, progressivescreen.

Only actual hangs that users can have using Quick Virus Help are in a small temporary space program on your screen. Sometimes it stops for a time or two during the screen, especially when you have several projects at a time.

But,if you want to learn how to type quickly, try to write faster.


Aggressive problems, Some non-English versions of Windows, edited;

The bar always shows at the lesson;

English courses for specialists were restored;

Improvement of Greek learningprograms for professionals (symbols, adding tabs) Thanks to the installation language in German, Greek and Russian;

Correct other small errors;

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