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Prototype 2 is much better than we expected. You have a strong story line and the main character you can live with, but even more, the game is improved in every way, making it perhaps the most difficult sandy game. Prototype 2 is a great game.

He was shot down by Sergeant James Heller, a soldierwith capacity to change shape. The deadly virus hit New York, killing his family, not just killing the person who blames death: Alex Mercer, the main prototype prototype

Prototype2 New York Zero is divided into areas, depending on the level of viral infection.There is a green which must be safe, yellow, poor and full of slums where the virus can be found and red, where the virus grows. You will perform missions in all these areas, on your way to meet Alex Mercer. With the absorption of other people, SergeantJames Heller can take over his personality and read his memories.

Helera making Prototype 2 so fun: jump, flip this fly perfectly across the city, but the battle is diverse and never boring. As the task increases, you will need itbetter tactics and more diversity to overcome the enemies and bosses you will find. Infiltration of the enemy compounds is also pleasant, as you try to absorb you see the appearance of different people outside the field of vision of others. YourOptions increase as you progress, for example, to turn a soldier into a biological point, do not forget that Prototype 2 is a 18-game game for some reason.

Heller – an appealing character, with an excellent and often entertaining speech throughout the game. The sound of the prototype 2 is mainly excellent,with some pretty nasty sound effects. There are also good graphic brushstrokes. New York looks really good and full of life and detail, making it convincing to maintain navigation. The prototype 2 helicopters and tanks seem fantastic to me, especially when you scratch it.

In General,prototype 2 is a great improvement to a nice original. In some missions there are monotonous times, but generally the developer of Radio Entertainment learned from his mistakes. This is one of the most enjoyable sandboxes in recent years, created with unmatched conspiracy, charismatic charactersand really impressive graphics. Do not miss it

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