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Father Gunung Hantu Kawi Ryan, Drajat, is strangely working for some time and strangely every day. Drajat ate dessert and fruit, and talked to himself in the middle of a nerve collapse. Ryan’s 17-year-old fear may be due to DrajatEl’s cigar. He destroyed the factory. One day, Ryan unexpectedly found an old photo of his father in his youth, taking Gunung Kawi. Photos may be essential for knowing what happened to Ryanand found cure


subtitles: Malay

Classification: P13

General Publication Date: September 7, 2017

Genre: Terror

Duration: 1 hour and 35 minutes,

Distributor: mm2 Entertainment SDN BHD

Cast: Maxim Bauttier, Laras Syerinita, Jordi ONSu, Jovan Grace

Director: Name Nayyato Naala

Format: 2D

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